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North East Regional Division and Local Truck Driving
Three Truck Driver Divisions To Choose Form. #1 North East Regional Division 36 to 43 cpm
#2 Mechanicsburg/Carlisle Local Division $15.50 per hr #3 Allentown Local Division $16.00 per hr
Minimum 6 Months Experience | Monday – Friday With Saturday Freight Available | Lots of Drop and Hook Freight


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Are you a Truck Driver or a Steering Wheel Holder?

The following is one truck drivers opinion of what a truck driver is and why?

Just because you drive a truck dose NOT make you a truck driver. I am not sure what happened in the past 10 years, and in the past 4 years its gotten even worse! The trucking industry has gone to crap. There was a time when a truck driver could depend on there fellow trucker to help them out. But now it is almost every man for him self. Why? This is because there are way to many steering wheel holders driving trucks these days! The sheer lack of real truck drivers is astounding! To prove this I will give you some examples.

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Road funds at risk in some states over safety rule

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Stuck in a financial pothole, Missouri’s highway department has been selling equipment and eliminating employees to scrounge up enough money to repair its roads. Unless it also changes state law, it could lose tens of millions of federal highway dollars as a penalty for not adopting new safety requirements for Read the rest of this page »

Duncan And Son Lines Becomes Preferred Trucker To Solar Industry

Duncan and Son Lines, Inc. is the leading hauler of solar panels, equipment, and components in the Southwestern United States. The current reach of Duncan and Son Lines’ solar experience spans across the Southwest from California to Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. The breadth of companies nears twenty and includes such industry heavyweights as Suntech, First Solar, Rio Glass, AES, Solon, Schott Solar, and Saint Gobain just to name a few. Partnering with companies who also adopt green initiatives is important to Duncan and Son Lines.

Steve Hitchcock, Director of Administration for Duncan and Son Lines states, “It’s exciting to do business with a company that is aligned with our commitment to green technology. People often think of trucking as a dirty industry. However, we are committed to running newer, cleaner trucks. We’re also committed to burning as little fuel as possible and minimizing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Our solar energy customers share this commitment and we want to continue to partner with these types of companies.” Read The Rest Of The Story

The downside of the upturn: a truck driver shortage

U.S. trucking companies may face a 30 percent surge in wage costs by 2014 as rising demand for freight shipments threatens to push the industry’s driver shortage to the longest on record.
Even with numerous truck driving schools to hire from, a shrinking pool of drivers is putting wage pressure on Idaho’s trucking companies.

“Throughout this past year, we were down quite a few drivers,” said Read the rest of this page »

Demand revs up for experienced truckers

Adam King spent months hunting for a job before landing at Witte Truck Driving School in Troy, Mo., this fall.

After King, 23, of O’Fallon, Mo., passed the state commercial drivers license test, he spent the next five or six weeks driving a tractor-trailer under the watchful eye of a trainer before venturing out on his own.

“I was unemployed after I got out of the Army for two years,” said King, who drove trucks while in the Read the rest of this page »

Quebec Truckers Add Charges for Traffic Jams

The Quebec Trucking Association (QTA) is endorsing the traffic surcharges that some delivery companies are charging customers in the greater Montreal area.

QTA president, Marc Cadieux told CTV news that companies cannot absorb the costs of traffic jams in the Montreal area.

“The jams cost delivery companies extra fuel and man hours,” he told CTV news. “When the [daily driving] limit has been reached, trucks are forced to Continue Reading

YRC’s decentralization seen as a good call

YRC Worldwide, the trucking company that has tried everything except gift-wrapping its deliveries with red ribbon to avoid bankruptcy, may have helped itself when it decentralized its operations a few months ago.

The Kansas City-based trucking company, which recently did a reverse stock split and has been forced to defer scheduled raises and pension fund payouts, in November decided to give its operating companies more autonomy. That means the bosses of its individual trucking brands are Continue Reading